3A matrix/stripboard? And a 2A pump

Hey everyone,

Just two little questions I could do with answering, if you have the time.

First, are there any matrix/stripboards that can take 3A? Or I'm I just going to have make my own PCB?

And second, is there a way to slow down a 12v 2A water pump? In a way that it can be adjusted if I need to later. I've looked at pwn, but I don't think it will work as I'm controlling them through a relay, via a transistor. I've also looked into a potentiometer, but one rated to 24W is rather expensive.

Cheers in advance,

Mikey C

On controlling the pump, you could go with a mosfet, mosfets that will do 2a 12v aren’t especially expensive, and they’ll PWM just fine.

On the stripboard I don’t know, for perfboard I’d laid down bare wire and soldered the length of it to the board to boost currant handling capabilities.

Thank you, that has sorted out the last few problems for my project! :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Mikey C