3d distance tracker

Hi all!

I would like to improve my trekking altimeter by adding a distance tracker. The idea would be to add a GPS sensor, get periodically the 3d position and then compute some calculations afterwards (distance covered, max walking speed, average speed...). is anyone have any recommendation for such a sensor, expecting it to be as small as possible. Or maybe any similar project already developped.

Thanks for your tips!

You would probably save time and money getting a gps device.

By the time you get an arduino, a gps module, a useful display, a box to put it in, some buttons to control the information, and some battery scheme, it's probably more trouble than its worth.

SUP800F GPS module claims to have built-in barometer to give more accurate calibrated altitude reading, but the current consumption is higher than Adafruit's Ultimate GPS + MPL3115A2 break board combined.