3D Humanoid GUI for accelerometer

Hello everyone.
I am developing a humanoid robot assistant having two arms and moving around on wheels. To control the arm I might use accelerometer or simple potentiometer to track the position of user’s arm and thus the robot can follow along. But for the sake of learning and ease in controlling the robot’s arms, I want to develop a 3D GUI for it too. This GUI will simply be the 3D model of the robot simulating the motion. And it will also help greatly in training a new user.

The problem is! I simply don’t know how to make GUI even though I am well versed in 3D modelling. I want someone to guide on:

  1. Which software to use
  2. How to interface it with arduino
  3. Any pre prepared similar GUI that can help me develop my own

Any help will be highly appreciated. I always wanted to develop my own GUI as all my robotic projects are harder to control via simple buttons. So yes I want to learn it.

Thanks a lot.

"humanoid robot assistant" freele translates to "fund raising project"?

The problem is! I simply don't know how to make GUI even though I am well versed in 3D modelling.

What 3D modelling software do you use?

Does it have an animation capability?

Separately, think about what data the PC would need to send to the Arduino in order for the Arduino to make the arm move to match the GUI. That thought process will also enable you to identify the data that the GUI needs to produce.