3D Printed Sensors & Sensors in Generall

I got to present a project I was involved in at INTERACT (one of the larger HCI conferences ... http://www.interact2015.org/) last week.

We show some 3D Printed sensors and present a proof of concept for how these sensors can be integrated in the production workflow.

I switch into a live demo which I think people around here might find interesting at ~2:30

Software on the Arduino, and hardware setup stays the same for all of the example, only thing that changes is how the Processing sketch (that I'm using for my slides) interprets the data.

Anyway, thought people here might get a kick out of it.



Definitely! 3D printing allows precision placement that would be hard to get without machine tools.
You can, but it'd be a lot of work and possibly many reject parts.

Is this close to the conductive filament you used?

I think it was this stuff: Home - 3dBuildr.com

I'm not sure - we ordered some and then had it sitting around for ages before we started playing with it and then it took ages before the paper was published....

For me this is not really a 'precision' method (yet) though. It was just a cool way to pump out some interactive prototypes.

EDIT: Actually the material you linked to seems to have a much lower resistance than the ABS we used. I'm surprised I had not stumbled upon it before. Thanks for the link.

EDIT #2: http://www.proto-pasta.com/collections/retail/products/aromatic-coffee-pla
WTF? Best thing I've seen in a while...