3D printer controller.

So I'm interested in building a 3D printer and using Arduino as the controller. I want to connect to my computer via USB and load a file (perhaps a sketchup file) and hit print. The data would be processed on the computer and then commands sent to the Arduino for the Arduino to add some local UI and then send the signals to the drivers.

I'm new and not that great at the programming but I'm a fast learner. The printer is kind of a product of the learning process and the learning is the main priority. So want I'm asking you guys is; could you point me in the direction to existing similar projects and sources of info I can read/look/whatever so I can carry out this project?


The RepRap Wiki and the Reprap Forum would be better places to find information.

There are several Arduino based drivers for 3D printers.

There is not so much information if you want to design and create your own software. I am in the process of making my own because I also want it to drive a small CNC lathe.