3D printer electronics - SAV MkI

Hi folks,
I have just launched a new Arduido IDE + Teensy 3D printer electronics. The board was designed within the RepRap Clone Wars community group.

The Clone Wars RepRap group has a bunch of enthusiasts (couple of hundreds) with a very peculiar model sharing model: the first lot of plastic pieces to build a RepRap is donated by someone in the community. This donation will help you get started with your 3D printer (there are several models that people can choose from). In exchange for the donation, when you have your printer up and running you are obliged to do the same. You can also contribute to the community by doing or designing something for them. In my case, I donated and also designed this board. The printer family tree is spectacular almost two years since it began.

The SAV MkI is the first board that has been designed in the RepRap Clone Wars community group and we have launched a crowd funding campaign for it too.

Here you have a few pictures of the board.
The SAV MkI campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sav-mki-3d-printer-electronics/x/5040667

Hope you like it.

What does your board do?

Have you publicized it on the RepRap forum?


I haven't sent out a post on The reprap Forum just yet.

As this was the first forum I joined a while ago I thought it was a good idea to share here first.

The main features on top of the basic printer control: - Hotend and heatbed well dimensioned FETs that can take up to 15A without heat-sinks. - High speed native USB interface connectivity going up to 8Mbps so that there is no lag on your prints. - 12V built-in fan controller for your layer fan or hot end cooling. - Micro SD reader for autonomous printing. - Bluetooth dongle (dongle not provided, tested with HC-05 and HC-06) interface adapted to its logic levels for wireless operation. - Expansion bus to connect a keyboard and LCD. - Support for 4 standard pololu compatible stepper motor drivers.

I suspect the main interest for your product will be on the RepRap forum (or other equivalents that I don't know about).

Is your board an alternative to one of the existing boards used by RepRappers?


I assume you're aware of the "hotbed" (should be "hotend") LED mislabeling?

Just trying to prove I'm paying attention here.

The first image is from Rev A of The PCB. Rev b, already has these updates on the second image posted. Thank for the inputs, they are all very much appreciated!

The board is an alternative of the boards already available. The main differences are highlited in my previous posts. It's an alternative to the sanguinololu, printer board and ramps. It is an entry level board for reprappers.