3D printer Extruder and hot plate control

Hey guys, I really need some help.

So over all I want to control temperature fairly accurately. Two Pots, one for plate one for iron. These are both resistance type thermo-couplers. I have tried doing pull up resistor and a relay to control but wow these heat up way to fast. I think Ill need a PID control. No if you guys know of a easier way I am all ears. I suck at coding so please lame-ins terms if you can. I'm okay to buy one if there cheap but would like to make it if it simple. I found this PID code that doesn't pull errors for me so I think its a good start. If someone can add on to this if its easy for you of tell me hoe to that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

// (Really Simple) PID Class by Ivan Seidel
// GitHub.com/ivanseidel
// Use as you want. Leave credits
  int Time = 0;
  int old = 0;
class PID{

  double error;
  double sample;
  double lastSample;
  double kP, kI, kD;      
  double P, I, D;
  double pid;
  double setPoint;
  long lastProcess;
  PID(double _kP, double _kI, double _kD){
    kP = _kP;
    kI = _kI;
    kD = _kD;
  void addNewSample(double _sample){
    sample = _sample;
  void setSetPoint(double _setPoint){
    setPoint = _setPoint;
  double process(){
    // Implementação P ID
    error = setPoint - sample;
    float deltaTime = (millis() - lastProcess) / 1000.0;
    lastProcess = millis();
    P = error * kP;
    I = I + (error * kI) * deltaTime;
    D = (lastSample - sample) * kD / deltaTime;
    lastSample = sample;
    // Soma tudo
    pid = P + I + D;
    return pid;
int adjust = A2;
int pSENSOR       =  A1;
int pCONTROLE    =   3;

PID meuPid(1.0, 0, 0);

void setup() {
  pinMode(pSENSOR, INPUT);

int controlePwm = 50;

void loop() {
  Time = millis();
  // Lê temperatura
  double temperature = map(analogRead(pSENSOR), 0, 1023, 0, 100);
  // Manda pro objeto PID!
  // Converte para controle
  controlePwm = (meuPid.process() + 50);
  // Saída do controle
  analogWrite(pCONTROLE, controlePwm);
  if (Time - old >= 3000){

 old = Time;