3D printing, RepRap and Arduino at Boston's Museum of Science

I'll follow it with some photos (posting from phone while killing time).. But took the kids to MoS today, kind of a family tradition for February vacation. What to my wondering eyes should begin but a feature presentation on Three Dimensional Printers, including and featuring a RepRap.

After the rather basic (but geared for general public) presentation, I decided to get a decent look at the RepRap, built by a local enthusiast. I gave the presenter, a PhD in education, a suggestion that she and her folks (who build and present technology events at the museum) check into the Arduino site and become members, or at least check out the nonsense we get to around here.

Don't be surprised to see some folks associated with MoS stopping in... I'll post some photos of the RepRap presentation later this evening...

How long will the RepRap be at the museum? I'll be in Boston in a few days for a meeting. Maybe I'll check it out. I can only drive to subways. Driving in the city is like in a maze. You get turned around with the twists and turns.

Many apologies, I never posted the pictures!

Oh, that is too cool.

Had to cut my trip short. Snow storm in the mid-west drove me home early :( Great pics!

Liudr, you are a teacher, yes? You of all people need to become a member over there, you are out here fairly often it seems. It doesn't hurt that half the museum is staffed by grad students from MIT.. but I still love that damn VanDeGraff. Three stories tall, lightning shows every hour...

The lecturer is Susan Heilman, PhD, She and her team put together the lecture series. It's pretty basic, but gives a fair enough overview of the process, including the part about reprap being made with many parts being printed by another reprap, etc. It's a good presentation given the level of the audience.

I will be sending a link to this post over to her also, I chatted with her briefly and suggested that she and her team ought to come on by...

Pics are okay, but went high ISO so I wouldn't have to use too much flash, big space and lots of people.. Bounce off ceiling was most I used in most cases. Little grainy due to that, and could have done a bit better on focus.. But I wasn't exactly planning to do the shots, I just did these while trying to not disrupt..

I cracked up at the shot of her mid word.... and the one before it where her hands are out like she's demonstrating with her hands

That is friggin awesome, we have a museum of science in the next town over, I /STILL/ haven't been to it, been meaning to for like... four years now, officially a slacker >.>

But I should suggest the exhibit to them

focalist: Liudr, you are a teacher, yes? You of all people need to become a member over there, you are out here fairly often it seems.

Yep, been teaching the most hated/feared topics among most engineering students since 2000 ;) I am too far from Boston, around 1,200 miles by air, so I will wait for the show to come to Minnesota. Then it is only 100 miles away:)

I grew up in Phillips, Wisconsin.. town of 1,500 people, largest "city" in the county.. heck, Minnesota is an urban jungle!

The town's Museum of Science and Industry consists of two rocks and a billboard touting coming lectures:

"Tomorrow's Technology Dream: Fire!" "Walking Upright - Is it for You?" "Advanced Physics - 'Beerium' is not an element"