3D Scanner based on record turntable

I've had an idea to build a 3D scanner for about 15 years. I start with a record turntable, a laser pointer and two cameras, creating a point cloud. I found my inspiration online at that time in college project that I have since lost the link to.
My electronics knowledge is a bit better than 1970s auto mechanic's training. Beyond that I have 10 years mainframe operations experience and taught myself cobol and C programing.
Since coming across Arduino hardware last year I can now see a way forward and have collected 'compatible' hardware made under the brand name of duinotech, purchased from https://www.jaycar.com.au/ this includes Uno and Mega boards with (XC4411 & XC4421) and without wifi (XC4410 & XC4411), Ethernet Expansion Module shield (XC4412), 5V Stepper Motors (XC4458), OV76?? cameras and Red Laser Diode Module (XC4490).
My basic idea is attaching a ring gear to the turntable and rotate it in 1 degree steps with one of the steppers and raise the camera with the other stepper with the images either recorded on a SD or send to my desktop for processing, with the aim of 3D printing the result.
I would love to hear from anyone to share ideas or comments etc.

Stepper motors go in steps, not degrees.

Your basic approach should work fine, and you will learn a lot. Should be fun!

However, these days there are software packages that merge multiple photos, taken from different points of view, to automatically produce point clouds (photogrammetry). You may wish to review some of these options, which include expensive commercial packages and some free, open source ones. Here is one overview of available packages.

gearing turns steps into degrees of rotation of the turntable. I already have 3D printed the gear set

I bought a couple of OV2640 cameras mounted on Alientek 'breakout' boards described in the documentation (Chinese) the vendor provided link to, as "AN1506 ATK-OV2640 camera module described in this application document (AN1506, corresponding to the corresponding STM32F103 development board) " the PDFs are http://www.openedv.com/docs/modules/camera/ov2640.html
I have tried to run the .pdf through google translate but can only get a vague hint of what is contained in the document but not enough information to risk frying anything and then wait another 60 days for the slow boat from China.
I am wanting to take a picture from the camera and save it to SD through either SPI or I2C for processing with photogrammetry software on my manjaro desktop.

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