3D Snake Game on a LED Cube

Hello everyone
I successfully made a 8x8x8 LED Cube with an Arduino Uno. I want to make a 3d Snake Game for the LED Cube. But I underestimated the knowledge that is required. I'm very new to this stuff and can't even program that good. So my question is: Does someone know a project guidance or a Code on the internet for the game? I'm happy about everything. And im sorry for my english...

Thanks a lot.

Do you have code that can turn on every LED in your cube individually?

Yes I do. I downloaded a animation script. I went through the whole code and learned how to control single leds with the program.

As a first step then, I'd use what you have and adapt it to let you "drive" a light around your cube. i.e. light a single led and provide buttons that let you move forward, left, right up down. If you don't have the hardware, you could control it through serial.

Okey thank you, I will try it.