3D ticktacktoe (ticktack^3)  up to 3 players

it consists of a potentiometer for selecting one of the 27 RGB leds arranged in a 3x3x3 matrix, and a button to make he selection, i am working on a full write up and i plan to release the final code, i also am trying to get this a a legitimate product in both preassembled and kit versions, and naturally opensource and programmable using the atmega128 or 328 post if you want more information, i will be glad to share

I'd love to see some pictures/video!

So can you get 3 in a row in any direction?


That’s a cool idea! Please post video!

Yup 3 in any direction i think there are 50 or 52 different ways to win, im currently drawing schematics , i am also trying to get this sold as a toy in both a prebuilt and kit versions from a website like adafruit or MAKE store, the code is also being commented and explained, because it makes heavy use of port manipulation, functions, interrupts and arrays i have some videos on facebook but i will take some of the finished build and put them on youtube aswell as videos of the code progressing along in the different stages, the two player games last on average less than a minute and it is mathimatically impossible to get a tie and the 3 player matches last for several minutes unless someone messes up :p

Its a surprisingly fun game for anybody that can grasp the addeddimentional challenge, my next game will probabally be 3d connect four

Sounds like it’d be hard to make a kit because of the nature of 3D designs.

How is it all connected? Obviously not with PCBs…

If it were reasonably priced, I would probably buy one :O.

Well the original designes for the cube itsself are based of of the build instructions for sparkfuns 3x3x3 rgb led matrix, however the build designs were modified heavily so no patent infringing :p the modifications were to add simplification and ridigidity (spelling?) which was not present before so the cube is farely ruggid in that it bends and deforms ( im gonna make a plexi box) the construction is that the top two layers are actually stacked ontop of the first and the leads for the leds themselves actually become the structure , and the base is made shield style with 2 layers of perf board, one to orginise the wires and the other to link them to their pins on the board, it uses a pot for the selecting and a button to confirm, all 19 pins are used in v2 (current) but v3 will be changed so that it frees up about 4 or 5 extra pins (say seperate controls for the other players ) when the schematic is finished i will post it and the pics/ vid

Also for those who think i spent a fortune on the rgb leds, i dident , i got them from a chinese company that manufacturers them, they sell in packs of 100 for about 17 dollars, normal leds of any color or IR OR UV are also sold in packs of 100 but are usually under 2-4 dollars, the shipping is a bit steep but it is well worth it, the comapany is sure electronics btw they speak engrish :p

Allso my total parts cost not including the duino is about 20 -30 bucks

TAHDAH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Gfo5B58OAc&feature=player_embedded :D

im having trouble trying to post the very large code, any suggestions?

Great idea and implementation katzmatt! Thanks for sharing.

Pretty cool. Hey you mentioned in your video that you frosted the LEDs. How do you do that?


200 grit sandpaper and elbow grease :p also checkout the other videos that i have posted on my account on youtube (there are only 4 as of yet) they are of some of the demonstrations of the color capibilities in version 3 of the hardware i will be able to mix colors of rgb and acheve an insane ammount of possible colors. 255x255x255 also i will post schematics soon and probablly reccord a video of the build process for v3 , and also i am meeting with a man who works for a major toy company to talk about my game (i hope it goes well)

Looks great! Best 3D LED implementation I've seen (because of the frosted LEDs).

Just FYI: the game of 3x3x3 3D tic-tac-toe with two players is flawed. You need to have 4x4x4 to be playable.

In 2 person 3x3x3, the person that goes first will always win (unless that person has had half of their head removed by a rogue snowshovel).

From Wikipedia Tic-tac-toe:

... 3-dimensional tic-tac-toe on a 3×3×3 board, though the first player has an easy win by playing in the centre if 2 people are playing. Another variant is played on a 4×4×4 board, though it was solved by Oren Patashnik in 1980 (the first player can force a win)[5]. A more complex variant can be played on boards utilising higher dimensional space, most commonly 4 dimensions in a 3×3×3×3 board. In such games the aim is to fill up the board and get more rows of three in total than the other player or to play with 4 people and get 1 row of 3.

Maybe you can add the extra levels for your next prototype.


Well i just cracked open another pack of leds so i was gonna make a game of connect 4 and i might do that with the exra space on the atmega328 i bought thanks for the suggestion

Also as an update i have been talking with a man who is a toy designer for toyquest and he beleves this has lots of potential, so iam making another version that will be smaller and probabally use some home made pcb and will use a dedicated chip in a socket with a regulator and an oscillator built in with a standard ftdi 4pin programming plug incase changes need to be made

Update!! I have entered this in the MAKE magazine gadget freak contest, if it wins it will be sold in the makershed in kit form