3G GPRS shield and DynDns update ip

Hello.I want take the 3G + GPS shield.Can i connect with my dyndns account?I have already a webserver for home automation with arduino and wiznet w5100 shield and control my a/c.My site http://webgsmremotecontrol.webs.com. Thanks.

I must check my ip first after connection with mobile ISP ( http://checkip.dyndns.com/ ) and then update the dyndns with my new ip http://username:password@members.dyndns.org/nic/update?hostname=yourhostname&myip=ipaddress&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=NOCHG&backmx=NOCHG . Port setup? Code for sketch?Thanks.

I guess what you want, but i don't think that would work anyway:
Usually 3G networks don't provide globaly routable ip's.

Not sure what you are after
On a windows or linux computer DynDns has a small program you download which updates the IP whenever yours changes . This is available with the free usage as well as for the paid service .Dont know how its done with mobiles.

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I believe it is possible because there are modem gprs or 3G who support DynDns like that http://www.taikonetwork.com/doc/UM-TNC-G121.pdf.If i can convert the code from this arduino DDNS Arduino DDNS (Dynamic DNS) - Open Electronics - Open Electronics for gprs shield maybe work....I need code...

Hi antkan,

It probably depends from your provider. For example, it doesn't work with mine, because it seems that there is a routing stage between the outside world and me. In other words several mobile users share the same ip address, similarly to what happens in a home with a router linking a home network with the outside. But the difference is that when you have a router at home, you can set forwarding rules to say that all incoming traffic on, say, port 80 gets directed to this particular computer (your webserver). However you cannot do that for your mobile terminal, because you don't have access to the router.

It might depend from provider to provider. At least for my provider, mobile user cannot be directly accessed from the outside.


Ok.If i want to control a led on/off and read a temperature sensor it is possible from mywebsite.com with arduino + 3G or Gprs (sim) shield?

As fs007 said, consumer 3g accounts generally don't provide the facility for routing (the service providers use PAT - Port Address Translation, to use the same IP address for multiple customers). The taikonetwork device you linked is primarily designed for business use. We use similar devices on some of our remote sites, along with business 3g accounts, which have an 'Unrestricted APN' and are routable.

You may be able to get your service provider to move you to an 'Unrestricted APN' account.