3g ITEAD sim5216A - Test code

Hi guys,

I'm just wondering if anyone out there has some working test code that runs on a ITEAD 3g sim5612a sheild.
I havent been able to get mine to return anything and am starting to think it might be a dodgy board, but without anything to actually test it with im kinda shooting in the dark.

If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated


Can you supply links to the product your talking about.

Can you supply links to the product your talking about.

no worries, its

Okay, after looking at the ITEAD wiki and reading the stuff there this could be a bit awkward to setup if your not confident with Arduino & hardware.

The shield has a load of pins (matrix) near the D0-D7 pins that allow you to place jumpers and select what pins are used for Serial RX/TX talking between the shield and your Arduino. I don't know if it has jumpers already setup or if you need to source and place them yourself.

It also has a couple of switches, one of them is to determine if the voltage should be 5V or 3.3V. What this is set to depends on what Arduino your using. The other switch determines flight mode (whatever that is).

If you want to connect the shield and also use the serial monitor from the Arduino to the PC at the same time you will need to either use an Arduino that has more than one hardware Serial port or use software serial. The ideal Arduino for this is probably the Leonardo as it's the correct form factor, has a hardware serial port on D0-D1 and can also talk to the PC at the same time using USB serial.

The problem with using software serial is it's limited speed as it cannot do the shields default 115200 baud rate, so to use software serial you will need to initially connect the shield to a hardware serial port and configure the shield to use a slower default serial speed that software serial can handle. Then configure the matrix to use different pins than D0/D1 for serial so you can use software serial and hardware serial at the same time.