3G modem for IoT


Bascially I have been searching through the internet and i didn't really found an answer for what i want to searching for.

I want to deploy Arduino Mega to an open space (no wifi) and use 3G modem to send&receive the MQTT data to AWS.
Sorry that I'm new to this, that i why i'm asking this question, if i were wrong, the 3G modem can't send MQTT then what other methods should i use.

I have seen there are other industrial product that having 3G cellular modem (eg: Maestro M100, http://www.maestro-wireless.com/portfolio-items/m100-3g/) attach to their controller and they are able to get the data to AWS. So i was wondering how can I do that ?


Did you google for "arduino 3G mqtt"?


should help answer some of your questions.

are some 3g modules that can be used with arduino