3phase monitoring IC

Dear all,

I am looking for simple IC that can be used to monitor

May not be all function basic 4

1) phase unbalance 2) under voltage 3) over voltage 4) phase reversal

Means to measure analog voltage from 3 phase . if any of conditions are met relay should be triggered for indication.

ADE7754 ?

Could you not use any Arduino with 3 ADC inputs?

I guess you would have to isolate the output (maybe opto isolated UART?) You would also have to condition the inputs. However depending on your input conditioning you could monitor the negative 1/2 cycle or with simpler conditioning only the positive.

Also with the addition of a LTC1966 you could measure the RMS value(s).

hammy: ADE7754 ?

Yes..a chip of this series is the way to go. A lot of the needed results is just a matter of reading the appropriate register drom the chip.

Warning : High voltages present on the pcb. You need to provide galvanic isolation between the ADE chip and the arduino on the digital side. Separate power supplies are alao needed .