3pin Bi-colour led

Something like this … if out is at VCC, red chip work through R1, if is at GND, green chip work through R2, if open, no chip work … but, as said, there is a small current consumed also if none of the led chips are on … if this is not important, this is the simplest solution that come me in mind … also, note that leds with VF higher than half of the VCC will probably not work good, cause the “common” of the 2 leds is at half of VCC (can be adapted a bit with different resistor values for compensate different VFs of red and green, but remain a possible problem, if VCC is less than 5V)


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Quoting Westfw “POOF”, but that is the sound the lightbulb above my head makes when lighting up!! Thanks Etemenanki, thats perfect!! Thanks for your time


Yes, I suppose that would work, if you’re willing to put up with both LEDs beign on when the pin is tri-state (could even be an advantage)
But I suspect my original reasoning is why no one seems to make that particular configuration…

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