3v and 6v from 4xAA while sharing load

Is there a way to have 4xAA batteries that can drain evenly but having 3v and 6v output?
Maybe using diodes?
I don't have enough electronic knowledge and I'm always after learning more.


Simple, use a buck converter from 6V to 3V. Tapping anywhere in the series of cells will guarantee uneven

Thanks. That will work, but i'm only finding 35V down to 3v etc. I want it as small as possible as im limited in space. Do you know of a smaller but more limited in voltage range buck?

I might even need to change out the 4xAA's to something smaller.

There's loads of buck converters that'll do what you want.

This one will take input between 3 and 40V and drop it down as low as 1.5V.