hello friends, I am doing a project,in it i have a 3.7v battery and a gas sensor.i need to work the ckt using this batter,but the working voltage of mq6 gas sensor with me is 5v.so can you suggest me any gas sensor in 3 v working voltage... or any other method to do this project? thank you very much

Look for a Boost regulator. Perhaps on eBay.

You do know that the heater in the sensor has to be on for 48 hours in order to stabilise. So making a portable battery powerd instrument is not easy.

hello grumpy_mike... the project is do not work in battery power always... battery will use only in the case of power failure...or can we use the batter full time by charging it ,like a ups battery?

As far as I know there are no 3V3 gas sensors.

You will have to get a voltage booster like Puul__B said.

thank you Grumpy_Mike sir.... what is meant by Puul__B?

He meant me. I suggested you could use a boost regulator. But you will need a substantial battery to keep it running.

ohhh sorry i am not familiar with the names yet, sorry paul__B… sir can you suggest any good simple practically proven 3v to 5v booster circuit?