3x DHT-22 Resistor Location

I am building a project using 3 DHT22 sensors to measure temp and humidity in 3 different locations. My board is a Freetronics Ethermega. I want to wire the data lines to A0-A2 and I already tied the 3 +legs together and soldered to a male pin that will go to the nearby 5V board pin. I also did the same to the -legs of the sensors to go to the GND 2 pins over. My question is can I solder 3x 10k pullup resistors to the same 5V pin, or will there be some confusion in the circuit? I am clearly new at some of this and was hoping for some feedback. From the pins, it all ties back to a one foot length of 10 lead ribbon minus a lead and terminates on the side of the project box to a sub-d 9 female. From there, a hacked DB9 cable is split to send 3 wires in each direction to the respective sensor.


On my DHT22s I just enable the internal pull ups on the inputs that get the DHT data outputs and they work fine. No external resistors needed.

Edit: you may need stronger (external) pullups if the wires are long, but try the internal pull ups first.

Thank you!