3x3x3 LED cube on steroids

I’ve just finished building this for my son. www.instructables.com/id/LED-Cube-and-Arduino-Lib/

All is working fine except mine seams to be on steroids compared to his!

Could it be that he is not using a 16Mhz crystal but the internal 8Mhz clock instead?

How can I slow mine down?

Thanks for your help

Can you post your code?

I'm using this example code: www.gzipped.com/electronics/arduino/code/ledcube/ledcube.pde

Also using the library on this page: www.instructables.com/id/LED-Cube-and-Arduino-Lib/step4/Using-the-Software/

from the sounds of it you may need to find the bit of ode where it says:


and change it to be something like:


I’ve been playing with this during the weekend. And I think the answer is in the library.
There is a bunch of “wait” values I can pass to the library to slow the action down.
I think there are some instructions on how to use is library…but since I’m not a paying member of that site…I don<t have access to them. =(

What strikes me as odd about the way yours is executing the code, is that the delay is dynamically changed within the arduino ide to reflect the speed of the board so regardless of what board or what speed you are running, it should end up being the same in the real world....

Could be an error in the libs that was given. That's where I would look.