3x3x3 led cube

Does any one know how to make an 3x3x3 led cube using arduino duelminove. Such as this one here in the link below: 3x3x3 led cube arduino demo - YouTube

Only in concept. An Arduino (except the latest Mega model) cannot directly control 27 LEDS (not enought I/O pins avalible) so one generally uses external shift register chips to clock out the desired state of the 27 LEDs.


Here's mine, note that I programmed it on my arduino then moved it to a strip board. Only parts are the AtMega168, 7805 regulator + caps, 9 resistors, 27 LEDs.



I would use 3x3x3 LumiNet nodes and arrange them in a 3D space. This is something different than using a Duemilanove, but distributed computing seems to be the more organic approach.

If you have to use a single chip (as it is the case with the Duemilanove) then it is correct that you have to use shift registers.

you have to use shift registers.

No, for a single colour 3x3x3 cube you do not need shift registers, as long as you are happy using multiplexing.

There are 3 "layers". On each layer, the cathodes of each LED within that layer are connected together. The cathodes from each layer are then connected to an arduino pin - running total is therefore 3 pins.

The anodes from each column are then connected together - so for example the top left LEDs from each layer are connected together. Each of the 9 columns are then connected to an arduino pin. Running total is 12 pins.

There is therefore more than enough arduino pins to do this without using shift registers.

The restriction of this method is that you cannot have more than one LED per level lit up at any one time. You make it look like the are more lit up by turning them off and on very fast - like a POV display it looks to the human eye like multiple LEDs are lit up.

Here's some example working code: http://www.stationinthemetro.com/index.php/archives/2008/01/19/makedc-led-cube-workshop/

3x3x3 led cube was pretty simple

great tutorials out there... also check my youtube channel

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