4+16 Channels Communication

hi there,

this is my first post cause i´m totally new in the arduino world.
the reason for this is that i would like to achieve a small project,
where i was told that a arduino could help me to achieve that.
so maybe you could assist me in the first time? would be great !!

so, to begin i use Arduino Mega 2560 cause it has so many pins,
that i could use for.

what is my goal:

i have 4 wires (1-4) with +5Volt for 16 wires (5-20) to be closed together just a mini-second like buttons
depending on different combinations.

for example:

value (1,5) = connection wire 1 (on PIN1) with wire 5 (on Pin5)
value (3,6) = connection wire 3 (on PIN3) with wire 6 (on Pin6)
and so on...

what i have done till now is i have connected the 4 +5Volt wires to the digital pins 30-33
and the rest of 16 wires to 34 till 49.

Now my question is, how to get the connections done?
would be great to get our help !!

cheers, thorsten

What is the purpose? Why and what are you powering from the digital pins? How to make the connections depends on what you are connecting to, which you didn't mention?

its a circuit which manually closed for a short time the connection on special events.
these circuits are running with +5v.
so therefor i would like to replace that with the arduino and control the circuit by computer.

regarding the pins i choose the digitals cause there where plently of them. wrong?

You could use the digital pins as you mention. The internal pull-up will limit the current (quite heavily, but would work).

Without more detail about what pins 30-49 are being connected to, the only possible answer to your initial question would be: Use solder to "get the connections done".

great !!
is there any script sample where i can have a look for to start programming?
especially for the connection / brifge of the correspondent pins?


great !!
is there any script sample where i can have a look for to start programming?
especially for the connection / brifge of the correspondent pins?

Check the Reference Section above or and look at each command for an example, such as digitalRead.

Arduinos are not FPGAs / Gals etc, you cannot connect pins, all you can do is read pins, and write pins.

oh...thats sounds bad.
what could i use in combination with my arduino then?
is there any shield for something like that?

It appears that you problem statement (design) is not clear enough. Base on what you have written there is no reason to use the FGPA/GAL. Just program the Arduino to do what you need. If there is something missing from what we have had to assume, please clarify.

ok.. lets go in detail. i want to replace an electronic dartboard with an steel dart board. counting of the darts will be done with opencv. as result i get pairings of numbers. they are equal to the pins the electronic dart board output.
the matrix of the edart is using a 4x16 layout. the 4 pins are positive with 5 volts and in addition of the hits of each dart it will connect shortly with the correspondent wire to count it as hit at the electronical dart system.

for example: dart hits the Bull Eye. result: wires 2,13

what i need now is to tell the electronic count system of the dart machine
"hey, show up the result of the combination of these wires 2 and 13"
=>Bulls Eye

in this case, i need to reroute the wire 2 to wire 13.
so that the circuit is closed at the counter of the machine
and that it can be counted "Bulls Eye"

wires 1,2,19,20 are with +5V
wires 3-18 are waiting ....

hope this could clarifiy my situation more :wink:
thx for your help !!