4.2” waveshare - memory


Just bought the 4.2” waveshare e-paper display ( red/black. 400x300).
Only just got it , but to use I need ( so it appears) a character array to store data for part of the screen, which is used for refreshing ( haven’t gone through all that yet)
Was wondering if I could put this array into flash memory , so I could free off some SRAM? I’ve no idea if or how that is done .

Can I also offload the libraries in the some way ?

Using : epd4in2b, imagedata, epdpaint libraries for the display.

I’m planning on using a 1284, but just playing on a UNO atm . ( I’m using the 1284 for extra memory and as it’s available as a DIP, which fits my PCB capabilities)

Hi hammy,

you might take a look at GxEPD2 README.md

and at the linked article of the u8g2 wiki: tpictureloop · olikraus/u8glib Wiki · GitHub

Small AVR Arduinos are not the best choice for e-paper displays.

Thank you for that input - I think you are right on the suitablity. I was hoping I could do partial updates on this display too - but apparently not, that may well cause it to go to the back of the shelf -shame it looks so good, but the update is painfully slow.

I have seen those sites you link.