4-20 mA Differential Pressure Transducer w/ Mega 2560


I am using a differential pressure transducer that outputs a 4-20 mA + HART 5.1 signal, powered by a 12V power supply. I need to read the signal with an Arduino Mega2560.

Can someone guide me to how I might be able to achieve this, without messing around with HART communication?

Here is the differential pressure transducer's datasheet, for reference:


Use a low pass filter to block the HART signal then measure the voltage across a resistor as per normal with a current loop output.

Hi dstp as mikb55 says use a resistor in this case for ease with the Arduino a 250 ohm one then it will generate 1 to 5 volts perfect for the Arduino nothing more to add.

Do I really need a low-pass filter? The datasheet suggests that the HART communication needs to be enabled by removing the jumper shown in the attached figure. I have tested it with an USB HART interface and it seems to be the case, as it will not work otherwise.

The DPT (differential pressure transducer) has an LCD display that outputs the pressure value and current value that corresponds to it. When I use a simple multi-meter to measure the current at the proper terminals, the reading matches the 4mA (at 0.000 bar) displayed by the DPT and changes accordingly if I add pressure. I want to replicate this with an Arduino, basically.

FireShot Capture 3 - - http___www.aplisens.com_dodatkowe_aplikacje_advertnet_pdf_produkty_DTR.AP.png

FireShot Capture 3 - - http___www.aplisens.com_dodatkowe_aplikacje_advertnet_pdf_produkty_DTR.AP.png