4-20ma sensor problem

i hava a card in a medical equipement where i mesure a pressure paramether
the pressure is from 0 to 12 bar
but the pressure transmitter is damaged and i find only a pressure transmitter 0 to 16 bar
when i plug it i got a wrong pressure ! a pressure less than the real pressure in the manometer

can i modifie somthing to reduce this problem .??

Calibrate the sensor by following this tutorial.

i cant modifie the code it is already installed the card i dont know any thing about it just i have the sensor and i read the output pressure in lcd
power 24v of sensor
but i try to plug a potentiometer in parallel of sensor i have the same wrong pressure

manometer = 5 bar i adjust the potentiomter where i find LCD = 5 bar
but when i modifie the pressure it become like that

manometer = 5 bar LCD = 5 bar
manometer = 4 bar LCD = 4.5 bar
manometer = 3 bar LCD = 4 bar
manometer = 2 bar LCD = 3.5 bar
manometer = 1 bar LCD = 3 bar
manometer = 0 bar LCD = 1.8 bar

If you can’t modify the code then you will need to reinterpret the readings.

It looks like the sensor doesn’t work well below 1 bar (I assume this is relative pressure).