Hello to everyone. I bought the following screen for a project I'm working on. http://www.ebay.it/itm/4-3-480-272-TFT-LCD-WITHOUT-Touchscreen-SSD1963-MCU-Display-for-Arduino-CP11008-/271513575486?hash=item3f3778603e

I want to connect it on arduino mega 2560 without a shield. I'm not interested in touch capabilities for now. Does anyone owns this screen to help me with the connections? Thanks in advance Regards Nick

Well, your link provides all the documentation. Including the schematic.

All you have to do is provide 20 level-shifter channels for the TFT. Plus another 4 for the Font chip.

Then another 1 for the SD Card and 2 more if you want to use the Touch Controller. (this is dependent on you using the same SPI controller for Font, SDCard and Touch controller)

The UTFT libraries do not allow you to use the hardware SPI for the Touch Controller. However, the Touch Controller is 5V tolerant (I think). So you could connect it to regular MEGA2560 pins.

You would find life a lot easier with a Due or other 3.3V Arduino.


Hi thanks for the reply. Here is what I did, with no luck: LCD_RS 38 LCD_WR 39 LCD_CS 40 LCD_REST 41 DCLK 6 CS 5 DIN 4 DOUT 3 IRQ 2 DB0-DB16 to pin 22-29, 30-37

Well, if you did not make any attempt to translate the 5V signals from the Arduino, you will have damaged the TFT controller chip and any SDcard in the socket.

A Due or Zero is already running at 3.3V. So you can connect directly to your display.

If you are determined to use a MEGA2560, you will need to make your own adapter shield if yo do not want to buy a ready-made shield.


Ok i've sorted it out. Now is working great!!!!