4 8x8 Matrices: Multiplexen Performance improvement

Hi Community,

as a project i built a 16x16 LED Matrix controlled by an Arduino Uno. The Matrix is split into 4 8x8 for Multiplexing.

So far I can specify in a 3 dimesional array which LED i want to turn on. A function than loops through the array calculating the final Output Bytes for the 8 595er the Matrix is connected with.

Now I want to use the serial communication to specify which LEDs to turn on. Many probems occur like that same LEDs just don’t want to shine and when some LEDs are specified no image occurs.

Furthermore the shine duration is implemented throug a loop: depending on them number of rows having to shine the light duration is different.

Is there any better way to to implement the Multiplexing or even a possibility to show an image on the Matrix while reciving information.

My code is attached

function_light_up.zip (2.78 KB)

function_light_up.zip (2.62 KB)

There is a ShiftPWM library that will manage the display for you and allow several levels of brightness for each LED.


Does this library work without RGB LEDs? I built the matrix with red LEDs