4 Bit Video Signal

I acquired 2x Electroluminescent SHARP displays from a parts outlet for real cheap. I figure they are in OK condition because there is no visible damage and can function given you have the right interface device and power supply. These were used for industrial equipment and display in monochrome plasma like graphics......everything is yellow. They did come with some technical literature explaining some of the characteristics and pinouts. Now these run on a 4 bit video signal that includes a data signal, data transfer clock, horizontal sync, and vertical sync. My question is..is arduino capable of such feats, or has anyone experimented with creating 4 bit video signal data?

The EL displays are marked as...

Model # : LJ640U26

The screen size is 8.9" and has 640x400 electrodes (pixels)

It operates on +5v, +15v, +25v DC

Signals are fed at LS TTL level

The main driver board consists of a 8K CMOS EPROM and a SHARP LZ92E11

And there is a chart in the literature that explains the input timing characteristics...which I'll have to scan just to get the whole jist of this...

Surprisingly i got both displays for $15........87% off their total cost.....and these things new cost $800+, even aftermarket newer model replacement units cost $500+
So I'm not trying to put them to waste. I'm also looking for a PC interface device, either RS232 controlled or USB. Could use these for like a custom CNC machine display.

Any advice or recomendations would be greatly appreciated as I have no experience with programming video interfaces. Only have experience in C++ and visual C++

I don't know this part but make the calculation yourself: 640x400x 30fps = 7.5Mbit/s. Don't expect an Arduino to generate such bit rates. You may find some chip driving these displays but with only the Arduino you won't be successful.