4 Channel Analogue Thermocouple to Arduino Problem

Hello everyone. I have a small Arduino project to do, involving temperature sensors. I have K-type temperature sensors and I bought K-Type Analogue Thermocouple Amplifier http://www.playingwithfusion.com/productview.php?pdid=21&catid=1004

I have troubles hooking it up to my Arduino. Does anyone have a sketch of how to connect this to Arduino and basic code example of just measuring temperatures in C? I am a total beginner and I simply can't find a single example with my amplifier and how to connect it to Arduino.

Thanks in advance.

The device outputs can be connected to analogue inputs. Use 5v and gnd from the Arduino.

Read the analogue value and convert to temperature.

The 0 deg point is 2.05v and the temperature change is 0.005v per degree. You will need to use this to convert to actual temperatures.

Due to the ADC having 1024 values, you will have limited accuracy.

What temperature range are you wanting?


I am experimenting something and I will be burning the end of the sensors with lighter to get a certain response so up to 100 C I guess. I just need to see the response. Because so far the way I have connected it it is just not working, the thing that are coming out on the serial monitor make no sense.

I just need to see a proper sketch how it is connected. Every other "Playing With Fusion" product has an Arduino sketch how to connect it except this one.

Supply your current sketch for us to see what you are doing.


It is similar to this. http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/115631/thermocouple-reading-different-from-commercial-datalogger-when-using-arduino

I have Arduino Uno instead and the thermal amplifier is the same, but when I connect it like this it is not working properly.