4-Channel flow meter

I have searched the board but I couldn't find something about a multi-channel frequency counter. I want to read out 4 flow meters to calibrate a injection system. The output frequency of the flow meter is less than 1 kHz. Someone know a solution for this? Which Arduino board would be the best for this?

Thanks for your help!

How long do you need to measure the frequency for? Could you measure the frequency on each pin for a few milliseconds, then move on to the next one?

The system should be stationary during the measurement so I can measure it serial. I need about 100ms to measure and then I can switch to next one.


This seems to have worked for them. You may have to condition the output of your device to stay within 0 - 5v

It's not multi channel. I'm unsure if you need can use the other pins or if you need a multiplexer.