4 Channel Relay Help

Hey guys, I'm not sure how to properly setup this relay and believe i might've fried it. Could someone please explain to me how to wire it up.

Hi @kynazton04

What is your level of knowledge in electronics?
How did you turn this module on?
This is the schematic of your module.
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I have a pretty basic level. I can understand how to connect a device to the relay but think I'm powering it wrong. I just connected a 5v cable from the Arduino to the relay and then ran ground back to the board. Then I ran a wire from pin 8 to int 1 to control the first relay but I cant hear it click. I know my code is correct. Think I might've accidently fried the board trying to hook a motor up.

Hi @kynazton04

Your relay module inputs have a few pins different from the schematic I posted.
But a simple test you can do and "hear" the realy click is:
Disconnect all "IN" from the module that are connected to the arduino.
Connect the +5V in VCC, the GND in the Gnd of your source,
then with a jumper connect any " IN " in the GND.
If you don't "hear" the click, you may have problems with your module.
RV mineirin

So I

connected the red to 5v black to GND and the blue to ground and didn't hear any click. I'm assuming that means my relay is fried?

My board is powered through my laptop (USB). Can this board take a 9v power supply?

This is my setup. I'm trying to run a fingerprint sensor, motion sensor, display and motor with the motor being connected to the relay. But cant get the relay to even click yet.

Reading the label on the relays they are 12 volt relays, not ideal for a 5 volt controller.

And you will not, for two reasons, nor will you get the individual relay LEDs to glow.

That is one reason for not working. It is ideal except ...

OK, refer to the circuit in #2.

On this relay board, "VCC" corresponds to "JD-VCC" on the diagram and "COM" corresponds to "VCC". :woozy_face:

You need to connect your control lines to the "IN" pins and your 5 V from the Arduino, to "COM". Your photos show "COM" not connected so presently nothing will work (except the red LED :grin:)

You need a separate 12 V supply for the 12 V relays. 12 V is good as it means the relays require only 40% as much current as 5 V relays but you need 12 V. 9 V might or might not work. You connect this supply by separate wiring, keeping 12 V and ground wires together as a bundle, to "VCC" and "GND". They are isolated from your "IN" and "COM" pins.

Just double checking because I'm connecting the same relay aswell. You're saying connect the VCC and GND to the (I have a 12v power supply) external power supply, then the IN1,2,3,4, COM and GND pin is to be connected to the arduino. That will mean the Arduino will be separate from the relay and the relay will all be driven by the ext power supply?

No, the "GND" pin does not connect to the Arduino, it connects only to the power supply.

If the power supply also powers the Arduino - through a switchmode converter to provide the 5 V - then the ground will indirectly connect to the Arduino ground via that converter but keeping the wiring runs separate is necessary to make use of the isolation.

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