4 digit 7 sigment led display problemo's


I'm just new here, ordered the Arduino a long time ago, haven't used it a lot until now.

I want to make a digital RPM meter, first I plannend on using a LCD display because they are easy to program. But the one I got is way to big for my project so I thought maybe a 4 digit 7 segment led display

I have an input 0 to 5 V wich (1000 rpm is around 2,6V and 8000 rpm is around 4,9V)
is it possible to have the Arduino calculate the input to an specific value (a value corrosponding with the rpm's), and send that value in real time to the led display?

thanks for the help

You mean take the speed value instantly and output the value immediately to 4-digit 7-segment display?

That's how all real time applications work.

You just take the data input and output that to the display. Very simple :slight_smile:

You can develop two functions, which run repeatedly:

  1. The first function reads the input value from the sensor and store that value in a global variable.
  2. The second function take the value stored in that variable and output it to the display.