4 digital output remote control

Just clicked the button on this cool little remote. I'll let you know how it works when I get a chance to play with it.



Please do.

Well the device arrived today. It seems to be pretty good quality, especially considering it's low cost.

I wired it up to generate an interrupt and light the Arduino pin 13 LED when high when receiving a button push. It draws a steady average of around 6ma, but spikes up to 10ma when first receiving a button push due to a on board LED that signals a valid push received, so one could power the whole receiver module from a Arduino digital output pin if they didn't want the remote function powered all the time.

Haven't done a good range test yet, but it certainly works at over 30ft in my playing around today.

No documentation comes with the unit other then the same drawing shown on the E-bay listing above. The reciever has three chips, one a Himark RX3310A superhet receiver chip, one a FT24C02A which is some kind of serial EEPROM probably to store the code hopping sequence data between power on/off cycles. The third chip is unmarked but most likely a microcontroller of some sort.

Anyway it looks like a winner for those projects that could utilize an inexpensive 4 channel digital remote control. The code hopping thingee should make it nice for not activating on noise or interfernce signals, so the added security is a nice addition.

I recommend it for those in need of a cheap remote control.


I wired it up to generate an interrupt and light the Arduino pin 13 LED when high when receiving a button push.

Can you post a picture of how you wired it?

Not a picture, but pretty simple to explain. The drawing in the E-bay listing shows the 8 pin connector. The external resistors and LEDs are not there, they are just an example of driving loads with the data output pins from the remote. Anyway pin 8 to Arduino +5vdc, pin7 to Arduino ground pin, any or all of the data pins, 5,4,3, or 2 wire to Arduino digital input pins. When you press one of the four buttons on the key fob the corresdonding receiver data output pin goes high and stays high until you release the button.


Thanks. I've got a similar device, but it has a slightly different layout. I'll see if I can get it working.