4 digits 7segments LED with 1x 74HC595?

Hi guys, i saw a few projects on the internet using the 74HC595 to control 7 segments LEDS, but i wanna know if its possible to build a 4 digits 7 segments LED (all 4 in one "piece") with only one 74HC595. And if the awnser is YES, how i can do it?

Have a easier way to do it?

Thx in advance, and sorry, im a total newbie.

Yes you can use a 595 but you will also need to use 4 more Arduino pins (in addition to the 3 pins to drive the 595) to drive 4 transistors. You will also need 8 segment series resistors and 4 base resistors, and a bypass cap and ideally a reservoir cap.

An easier and better solution would be a max7219 chip. You would not need the extra 4 Arduino pins, the transistors or series resistors, only one resistor plus two caps.

Why people imagine the craziest ways of driving the seven-segment led display!

Look at the image, it can be a way to do it. It will not be easy, it involves using switching time. (aka multiplexing)

Plz! use max7219.