4 head drill with variable resistor

im asked to do this mini project and i cant get my head around the code tbh can anyone help ?

“You are required to design a multi-head drilling machine that has four drilling heads each attached to a dynamo, the rotation speed of each dynamo is controlled via a variable resistor, the choice of the drilling head is controlled by a servo motor that is attached to a joystick, draw the architecture and write the required code that will enable the user to choose the drilling head using the joystick left and right functions only, and control the rotation speed using the variable resistor”

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"dynamo" looks like it is the wrong word - I presume it should be "motor".

You need more than a variable resistor to control the speed of a drill motor. There needs to be a motor driver that is controlled by the Arduino based on the value it detects from the potentiometer.

What mechanical arrangement is envisaged to enable a servo to select the different drills?

I presume this is a school or college project. What grade are you at?


As with any project you need to give SPECIFICS.

Voltages used ?
Motor specifications ?
Any schematics you currently have.

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The people who want to help you need details to assess what is possible.


So 4 motors, 4 motor controllers, one servo, one joystick, 4 pots.

Code needs to read analog values for the various input devices, and drive a servo and 4 motor controllers.

Break the code down into small sections that each do only one thing.

Only then think about connecting the sections together with business logic.


Did you do this project ?
I have an identical one and I need some help.

Please make your own post with your own specifications.
Clearly the date of this post would normally render it LOCKED.

Requirements and motor types, speeds etc etc. mean that not all your needs might be the same.

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