4 Led blinking using for statement

I recently started arduino but I have hard times solving basic problems. I attached problem below. I need code using for statement. Lend me a hand

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are you sure your wiring is correct?
not sure you have the wires from the bottom in the correct slots for the 2 LEDS on left and same for resistors

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This is what the picture of the sketch says:

void setup ()  {
  for (int LEDi = 6; LEDi < 9; LEDi++) {
    pinMode (LEDi, OUTPUT) ;

void loop ()  {
  for (int LEDi = 6; LEDi <9; LEDi++)  {
    digitalWrite(LEDi,1) ;
    digitalWrite(LEDi,0) ;

The sketch compiles without error or warning so… what is the problem?