4 motors steppers and a light dimming

Hi, I’m a real newbie in the arduino world and I’ve got a few questions to ask. I need to build a kind of robot wich will need 4 motors steppers and a light dimmer interface (like VELLEMAN K8064 or other) and all of this needs to be controlled with max/msp so, I’d like to know:
-how many motor shield can I connect to a duemilanove card
-wich voltage and amps can a motor shield hold
-is it possible to connect and control motor shields and dimming interface on one duemilanove
-will I be able to have a real time control with max msp on this
Thanks for answering this because for the moment I’m completely lost in all the possibilities that arduino can offer.

The current and voltage rating of motor shields vary between devices (there are a few different motor shields available). Which one were you thinking of using? But in general, you can only connect one shield of a given type to the Arduino, because they will, in general, use the same pins. So you may be able to connect a motor shield and a dimmer, but not two (identical) motor shields.

Thanks for your answer. I wasn’t thinking about a special motorshield. I would just like to control 4 motors at a time and independently so, if you have a piece of clue, please help me 'cause I’m a bit lost for the moment.