4 mystery pins near the CH340G

Hello apologies if this is not the correct place but I'm searching for days without any luck.

Let me give you a brief overview of my problem.
I have one of those Mega 2560 clones with CH340G chip on it and of course it is timing out. I've spend a lot of time trying to make it work but without any success. The board is recognized by the systems and since i have spare Arduino managed to test the atmega and burn new boot loader on it. The loop back test is kind of failing it doesn't print back the characters but Rx and Tx are blinking on every send and keystroke. It is kind of failing since I've done this test on 4 different boards 2 nano 1 uno and 1 mega and the results were the same and the rest of the boards except mega are working perfectly.

This was the background and now the question.
Is there anyone that knows what are the 4 unpopulated pins marked with x1 bellow the CH340G chip are and what is there purpose?

My skills are let say limited or non existing but my guess is that this are first four pins of the CH340G chip and according to this
it should be GND TX RX and V3

IF this is correct could it be used to troubleshoot the chip itself or maybe be used as USB/TTL adapter?
Any comments are welcomed at this point.

this are pins 9-12