4 nano does not work any more

i have some small experience with arduino,and for me,the project this days is to realize gps tracker
but i have lost the arduino nano 4 times
am using this reference https://www.instructables.com/Homemade-Realtime-GPS-Tracker-SIM800L-Ublox-NEO-6M/ the diffrence in wiring,that am using

  • battery 18650 4.2v 9.6w
  • the ublox neo-m6 am using is 9600 baud and power that need is 1.8-3.6v so am powring it directly from battery ,with the sim800l
  • i'v used DC-DC Boost Converter with regulator to get 5v connected to the 5v arduino pin,with the firs 3 nano's,and i'v used it to get 8.5v and i'v connected it to the vin with the last one
    i have no cacitor,i have no external leds,and i havent connected reset pin to D12
    and the pin am usinr are 8-9 for the sim 10-11 for the gps
    so for the 3 first nano's ,after working for an hour maby,they are reconized by the pc but cant load sketch and just power led is on ,and i can't load sketch using an auther arduino as programmer
    for the last one and after 1 hour maby,it gets hot,and all leds on the board are up,2 green and 2 red ,but it is not reconized by the pc
    the 3 last boards are clones "QinHeng Electronics HL-340 USB-Serial ,adapter"
    i 'v got the cordinate for for 10 mints,in open road

the first one is the one in the middle,and the others are like the one on the right
the gps is this one https://acrobotic.com/products/brk-00004/
and thes gprs is this one https://lastminuteengineers.com/sim800l-gsm-module-arduino-tutorial/
the sketch am using is the same in the tutorial,and i'v changed just the address and baud for gps to 9600

where is the problem my friends

I will take a SWAG and say either your voltage is to hi or the current is to high. The next step is for you to post a schematic, not a frizzy thing showing all connections. Also post links to technical information on each hardware device. Also note capacitors etc are there for a reason, if they are not installed properly things can be damaged and even destroyed.

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