4-pin breakout on old lilypad

Hi there,

I have a few old and unused Lilypad 02s that I need to program. They have 4 pins to connect to a USB breakout board as opposed to the 6 pins they all have now. I can not find any old 4 pin breakout boards for sale. What is the best way to go about working with these? Is it possible to connect the 4-pins to corresponding pins on a 6-pin breakout board or FTDI cable?

Any help appreciated. Best, nay.

This page shows the (now obsolete) LilyPad USB Link board attached. The pins are labeled.


So you just need four pins of a 3.3V FTDI cable. The DTR signal is not present so you need to use manual reset for uploading.

great, thanks for that will order one now!