4-pin LED - how to wire it?

Hi, I have a 4-pin high bright LED:

Does anyone know how to wire this up? I’ve been searching all over the web for a spec sheet to tell me what the pins are, but I’ve had no luck. Hoping someone here knows.

In the photo, you can look into the clear case and see exactly where the pins go and how they're connected. Now you have a two pin LED. If it doesn't light one way around, then it'll light the other way around.

and even if not:

4 nCr 2 =4*3*2*1/2/2=12.

12 posibillities. Possible to find out :)

EDIT: damnit: and polarization. so twice it :)

EDIT: lol. contentfilter. no chance to write d a m n

Remember to measure twice, cut once. ;)


haha. ok, maybe 4!/2!/2!=6 2*6=12

I was right first time. but not in a good way ;)

It's a two wire LED. It's just that two legs are going to the same place.

Got it. ha. thanks. much simpler than i thought!