4-pin LED Push Button Switch Configuration

Hi all,

Recently, i just bought a 4-pin LED Push Button Switch as shown below. However, i encountered problems while programming it to my Arduino. Does anyone knows the button switch configuration? I am confused on how the pins of the push button are connected.

Thanks in advance!

Guess this is the one: PUSH BUTTON ON/OFF GREEN LED R16-503

It's a million times easier if you provide a link to the product :wink: It least we can check if there is additional data available on the seller's website.

Any markings around the pins? If you have a multimeter, you can measure (part of) it and try to figure it out.

Have you considered to contact the seller and ask for the pinout?

If I Google I see images with the 2 more centered pins marked + and -. So that would make them the led pins. The leaves the outer two for the switch.

And if I'm correct, it's a latching switch. Not that it really matters if you only connect it to an Arduino.

And all I saw was a 3VDC rating for the led. So I guess it's just straight to the led so you need a resistor in line with it. (And no, don't just connect it to 3V). What resistor you need greatly depends on the brightness you want. But I would start with let's say 330Ohm.