4 SPDT controlling 5 LEDs

I want these 4 SPDT toggles to control the state of 5 LEDs.
Are there chips out there that I can program the 16 different ways the toggles that be setup such that they control the LEDs?
I know of logic chips, but my logic is getting a bit complicated and I'm getting slightly overwhelmed. Maybe it's just me and I should try to simplify it, but there might be an easier solution out there for me that an experienced user might know about!


Do this with plain cmos/ttl logic or use a uC ?
If using an arduno, you can read the state of your sw-s. Then pin a predefined LED-pattern from an array.

Why do you need a multiplexer. Just work out a logic table of what you want the LEDS to look like for every combination of switch states and you can take it from there.

Each switch can be in one of 3 positions. So for 4 switches that's 108 possible combinations. (EDIT 81 combinations)

With 5 LEDS each can be in just one of two states (on or off) that's only 32 possible different combinations.

Maybe if you were to explain the logic of how the switch positions relate to the outputs I could write a sketch to map the input to the output.