4-wire Cable, where to buy?


Sounds like a stupid question, but I didn't find it so far on eBay. We all know the old IDE Cables, where multiple wires are neatly next to each other.

I want something like this, but only with 4 wires. Any idea where I could buy such a cable in length of 5 meters?

Home Depot sells security system wiring, 4 wires with aluminum and a ground wire. Can get any length you want at my store. I bought a 500' reel and we used it to wire our fencing club. If you need ribbon cable, you can get 9 conductor and split off 4 http://www.mpja.com/9-CONDUCTOR-FLAT-CABLE-100ft/productinfo/8566+WI/

Sounds like a phone cable to me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_plug

This cable is 25 feet (about 7.5 meters) long.

If you want flexible, then go for alarm (intruder) cable. It may have more than 4 cores but you get "spares" for free

old cat 5 cable,

could even make some twisted pairs yourself using a drill, or cut a cat5 and pull the unneeded lengths out ( if casing is loose ). can get new rj45 plugs and headers for cheap, means you can unplug when not needed. Audio mixing desks and dj equipment use many 4 & 5 pin cables, good noise handling too. ( 4pin xlr )