4 wire resistive touch screen pannel with uno need guidance plz help

i am new to this forum. i am here to sort out the solution to obstacles that i am facing in my project.

I am working on project in the following link.

i have connections accordingly and noted down the readings. when i take output at pin 12,13 i am getting output voltage high always even if i didn't touch the pannel. when i go to other pins let say pin 11, 12 its showing 0V always irrespective of touch.

The output should be like when i touch on1 pin 11 must high and when on2 pin 12 must high ; and vice vesa.

I am attaching the code which i have used to read the values.

please help me.

thank you in advance.

i am writting code here for simplicity to view,

int xv;
int yv;
void setup()
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
pinMode(12, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
void loop()
pinMode(A1, INPUT);
pinMode(A3, INPUT);
pinMode(A0, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(A0, LOW);
pinMode(A2, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(A2, HIGH);
yv = analogRead(1);
pinMode(A0, INPUT);
pinMode(A2, INPUT);
pinMode(A1, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(A1, LOW);
pinMode(A3, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(A3, HIGH);
xv = analogRead(0);
Serial.print("xv= ");
Serial.print("yv= ");

It makes no sense to be diddling with the nature of the digital pin that shares space with analog pins 0 and 1 when you are using them as analog pins. Get rid of anything that diddles with A0 and A1.

Yet another instructables atrocity.

Yet another lack of code tags.
Yet another CROSS-POST.