4-Wire SPI Graphic Display W/ Arduino Mini

So I am looking to use this display http://www.buy-display.com/default/industrial-lcd-display.html along with 4 input buttons and a real time clock. First, can this graphic display be used with Arduino? And if so will the mini support everything I am looking for it to do?

Any help is greatly appreciated thanks guys. Bit of an arduino noob

Display can be used with a '328 (Mini or otherwise), plenty of IO for SPI, 4 buttons, RTC.

Thank you so much CrossRoads! Mind if I ask how you know? I'd love to actually understand all the technical jargon, for example when I was looking at graphical LCDs there were so many different types, parallel (4 and 8bit) I2C, 3 and 4 wire SPI. Is there documentation somewhere on all of this? Again thank you!


Graphics display do not have a standard interface. The electrical interface is different and also set of commands are specific to the controller. So things like 4-wire or 3-wire SPI, I2C, 4/8 Bit parallel are very specific to the controller (of course I2C should follow some standards).

But at the end, you have a specifc display in mind. This display has a UC1701 controller (compatible with ST7565). The 3-wire SPI is not HW compatible with AVR chips, but the 4-wire SPI interface works very well with the Arduino.

From my work with U8glib i can say, that supporting a specific controller is a challenging task, but supporting different displays with same controller is a time consuming task because of the different electrical characteristics and the individual memory mapping.

Here is my suggestion (unless you want to program this display from scretch): Download http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/ and check all UC1701 and ST7565 constructors with 128x64 dimension one by one (uncomment them in the HelloWorld example). Hopefully you will find a fitting device (http://code.google.com/p/u8glib/wiki/device). Especially look at a constructor where the display content is shown correctly (contrast issues can be adjusted with setContrast). If you do not find a fitting device for u8glib, please contact me and we will add a new u8glib device for your display.


I looked at the datasheets that were on the link you provided. One shows SPI connections plus 1 extra wire. Would not be hard to write code to send messages to the display.

Thanks everyone really appreciate it. Is there a similar sized display (white on black) that would be easier to interface with arduino? I just started beginning stages of a project and while trying to find a cheap source for a display that fit the need I found that one. Again thank you thank you thank you!

What do you need to display? Maybe a serial LCD display from www.newhavendisplay.com would fit the bill.

Its going to be a clock interface, and liked the graphical look compared to the serial displays.

I am very confident that the display, mentioned at the beginning of the thread, will work with U8glib.


Alright great thanks Oliver and everyone else. I am going to place an order for it but its going to take some time; I think shipping is something like 10-20 days. I'll be sure to be back as soon as I start trying to get it working.