4 wire touch screen and tft screen, button locations not changing

Hi all,
Im using an dafruit 2.8" tft touhscreen breakout board with arduino mega 2560,
I have it all working correctly, and pages progress with a single touch button press but it only works on one screen?

on the next screen it holds the same button location and just refreshes the screen on press.

i have done hours of researching and there is plenty of good examples out there on this but i was thinking is there another way?

if i could just have
buttonaccept = (x,x1,y,y1,pressure+)
screen name/next screen/change variable/sd write/
if buttonaccept = (x,x1,y,y1,pressure-)
execute sound & wait for positive pressure

this would be immensely useful, i understand creating void functions but not like this, dos anyone have any thoughts on a nice way of progressing through 8-9 individual screens with various buttons, and a variable to hold certain data like clock, accepted,variable, to be able to write to a file on sd, but then being able to jump back to a certain screen when an externl even happens?

any thought might be useful, my code is a bit messy at the moment but will post when its back to how it was,

thanks for looking :slight_smile: