4 x 12V DC 3A Motor and Arduino Uno.


I am planing a RoV build. This build will be using 4 x 12V DC 3A bilge pumps for thrust.

I am new to the Arduino, but have been trying to find what kind of motor driver i need for this. I have found drivers with 12V but they dont support the 3A current load of the motors. Can anyone give me some help in picking the right motor driver or parts i need to pull this off?

I am thinking of using Arduino Uno for this project.

To choose a motor driver, you need to know the stall current of the motors. If you don't know this, post a link to the motor product page or data sheet.

Pololu has a great selection of motor drivers, and they provide outstanding product support.

I cant find any info on these pumps i was looking at, but found some on ebay. And found the driver i needed at Pololu.

Thanks for the help :smiley:

Measure the resistance of the motors at rest. stall current = V/R