4 x 12v DC Motor w Adafruit v2.3


I'm planning on using 4 x 12v DC motors with the Adafruit v2.3. The rated currents of the motors are 530ma and stall current 2.5ma. Can anyone advise how to power these? i.e. voltage/ current input for Adafruit shield.

stall current 2.5ma.

2.5A makes more sense. That means that you need a supply capable of supplying 10A at 12V if all 4 motors can start at once.

Just a quick note, when you first turn on the motor zero current will be drawn but it will rise rapidly dependent on the winding inductance and the circuit impedance. However when it is turned off the voltage will reverse instantly and rise until it is limited or drained by external device(s). By staggering the turn on you can reduce the size of your power supply.

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What is "Adafruit v2.3." ?
Can you post a link to specs/data please?

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I understand that I can stagger my start-up current on the motors to reduce the Ah capacity required, If i used say a lead-acid battery (12v 12Ah) would that be OK to connect to my Adafruit V2.3. It could supply the max 10A required on all four channels at start-up (Approx 2.5A start-up/ 0.5A rated current per channel).


Note that the symbol for volt is 'V', not 'v', just as the symbol for ampere is 'A', not 'a'. Case is always defined for physical units and multiplier prefixes, otherwise things can get very confusing (consider the different values of ยต, m and M as prefixes for instance, and than m as a unit stands for metre, as a prefix stands for milli)

You have one of these, Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino. The specifications are pretty clear as to what it can do.

4 H-Bridges: TB6612 chipset provides 1.2A per bridge (3A for brief 20ms peaks) with thermal shutdown protection, internal kickback protection diodes. Can run motors on 4.5VDC to 13.5VDC.

So you have 3 Amps per output for a brief period of 20 mSec. You supply 5 to 12 Volt motor power to the board. What exactly are you looking to find out that is not covered in the link I posted? Only you know the exact details of your motors. Based on what you mentioned and a 2.5 Amp start I don't see why it wouldn't work.