4 x 7 Segment LED counter


I’m new to Arduino and i’m currently designing a simple counter with IR sensor. I’ll be using 7 segment LED to display my number of count. Each time my IR sensor sense an object, 7 segment LED display will +1 in values. I’ve got no problem in displaying to 9. However, each time i want to display 10, i can only display 1 number, either 1 or 0. Any can guide me how can i do it to display 2 at a time. Or do anyone done it and share with me the codes?

Thanks in advanced.

The title mentions a 4 digit display. You have to multiplex it, first showing only digit 1, then after a few milliseconds, showing only digit 2 and repeating the cycle. To the human eye, it will appears as if both (all) digits are displayed simultaneously.